Responsibility drives everything we do

We do not use any aluminium to manufacture our capsules. Instead, we use compostable** materials. Our teas are made from pure tea leaves without any added artificial flavourings or ingredients. Our coffees are made from pure roasted beans. Our business model aims at long-term close partnerships with our suppliers to warrant compliance with our labour and production standards.


**For disposal via the organic waste bin (industrial composting) please contact your local waste disposal company to find out whether it can compost waste that complies with the EN DIN 13432 standard.


The home compost*** solution from Tpresso is changing the coffee landscape and the tea landscape sustainable!

Certified quality

Freshness and taste are optimally protected and unfold only in the cup. In addition, our compostable** capsules offer excellent compatibility with Nespressoe* machines. 

  • Plant-based capsules, completely home compostable ** 
  • 5 years of development 
  • Coffee and tea in organic quality packaged sustainably 
  • Aluminum FREE 
  • Plastic FREE

Freshness and taste

Optimally protected and unfold only in the cup. Our compostable** capsule has an excellent barrier function against air, moisture and light. The capsule preserves the quality of our highland plantations premium organic tea.

The home compost** circuit of Tpresso packaging

Tpresso protects with the compostable** capsule enormous waste in coffee and tea packaging, In this way we are again making a major contribution to protecting nature without sacrificing freshness or quality. 

  • Ambient temperature 
  • Standards: AS 5810-2010 
  1. AFNOR NF T 5 1-800 
  2. EU standard in development
  • Different programs: 
  1. Belgium: TOV AUSTRIA Belgium (OK Compost Home) 
  2. Germany: DIN CERTCO (DIN-Gepruft Home Compostable) 
  3. Australia: ASA (based on AS 5810) 
  4. USA: BioSpecs (based on OK Compost Home)
  • EN 13432 + biodegradation and decay at ambient temperature T.

Organic coffee and tea from selected highland plantations

Tpresso coffees and teas are harvested by hand in an ecological, social, fair and qualitative manner. As a processor of highland plantations premium organic coffee (Single Origin) we take our ecological and social responsibility seriously.