Patented process for organic tea products 

Tpresso teas are 100% pure and without flavors or chemical additives. We have developed a patented process to fully preserve the taste and fragrance of these precious natural products. Thus, after harvesting, Tpresso teas are cold-crushed using a special Tpresso process and filled under vacuum into our patented, aroma-tight Tpresso capsules.

Freshness and taste

Optimally protected and unfold only in the cup. Our compostable** capsule has an excellent barrier function against air, moisture and light. The capsule preserves the quality of our highland plantations premium organic tea.


The knowledge of the tea masters in your home

You enjoy tea quality simply by pressing a button, which is equivalent to a traditional and time-consuming tea ceremony. Here, the finest loose teas are prepared - sometimes over hours - with special equipment by traditional tea masters whose knowledge has been passed down as part of a thousandyear- old tea culture.